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Ftat Bzioui

By Salah Chakor, Writer and Tourism Consultant

Tadla Azilal is one of the richest regions in agricultural and livestock products. Which gave him this aspect of diversification of his cuisine. It is full of very original, varied and rich culinary preparations.

Atlas mutton mechoui, flavored with aromatic herbs is the main dish of this region.

Also there is the presence of typical Berber dishes, such as ftat, Rfissa, Bouramache or Madhoussa. These dishes are prepared and generally presented on the occasion of celebrations, births, engagement, etc.

This regional cuisine deserves to be safeguarded and enhanced by citizens and tourism and hotel professionals, as it is one of the elements that make up cultural tourism. Its promotion will promote the drainage of a large number of tourists in search of the traditions and know-how and cultures of our regions.

Hence the importance of developing restaurants and hotel establishments specializing in traditions and ancestral cultures. The word Ftat is synonymous with Trid. Not to be confused with Rfissa (made with lentils).

The trid is prepared with or without lentils and the dominant flavors are those of saffron and Smen (rancid butter).

The trid of Bzou is of such finesse that it is compared to the weaving of Bzou made in this region, with which the famous Jellabas are made, which are of great beauty and value.

It is prepared with beldi chicken and served with a bowl of smen and honey. The preparation of this specialty requires a lot of finesse, patience, especially to prepare the Ftat these very thin leaves

Recipe for 8 people:

– A dozen trid sheets,

– 1 Beldi chicken of 1.2 kg,

– 1 large chopped onion

1 tablespoon of olive oil

– 1 teaspoon of smen sugar

– 1 teaspoon of pepper

– 1 teaspoon of ginger,

– 1 spoon of salt

– Glass of water

Preparation :

In cook the chicken with the minced onion, the oil, the Smen, the spices and the glass of water. Let simmer for 10 minutes. Wet and cook for thirty minutes. Check for doneness and seasoning.

Service :

Once the chicken has been cooked in its broth, we begin to prepare the Ftata as follows:

– Place several sheets at the bottom of an earthenware dish (Gasria or M’tard = rustic utensils) overlapping them, arranging them; then sprinkle them underneath with the sauce (cooking broth).

– Place the chicken with its sauce on the Ftat (leaves), baste sufficiently

Accompaniement :

– Serve with a bowl containing butter and honey.